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CalArts特映單元,集結加州藝術學院優秀學生作品。這個單元展示了創作中的多元觀點、創新技巧和豐富的藝術表達,透過國際學生交流,進而培養了北藝大與加州藝術學院的藝術探索和跨文化交流的環境。The CalArts Special Screening Section brings together outstanding works by students from the California Institute of the Arts. TThis section offers an insightful glimpse into the diverse perspectives, innovative techniques, and rich artistic expressions in the creative process. Through international student exchanges, it fosters an environment of artistic exploration and cross-cultural engagement between Taipei National University of the Arts and the California Institute of the Arts.The Little Poet  Justine King The Bowl Si Yi Lee Parrots Jennifer Nie Resilience Yunie Choi So Long, Caz! Jingqi Zhang A Plastic Bag Huayi Yu The moth flies on, in the summer night. Skye Wang Run, Little Rat Ofre Sparrow Vaknin Swallowtail Jennifer Shi The Borrower's Hypnotist Michelle Tang Roller Coaster Sapphira Chen BLOOD BOUND Lyly Hoang A Collector of Big and Small Things Pavit Panag Swim Iasbel Santos Now Im In The Kitchen Yana Pan fur Zhen Li Ages 6+ Kenzie Sutton Olive and Otis        James Leong Holston Myth Today        Jonah Primiano After Wind After Rain Moon Wang The Law of the Jungle Gym Yoon Hei Cho