Outdoor Screening: TNUA Students Showcase
The department of animation of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) is founded in 2011, becoming the third department of the School of Film and New Media. The animation department of TNUA dedicated to cultivating talents for the cultural and creative industries as well as promoting digital content industries. The short-term goal is to cultivate talents for animation projects, digital animators and experimental animators; the long-term goal is to inspire students to become a producer of animated feature film or television cartoon. In addition to academic schooling, the department periodically holds animation festival, KDIAF, Animation Forum, Lectures and Workshop, and so on. All the educational efforts, including working with foreign animation schools, are the nutrient to an animation artist with international vision. Link to Animation Department of TNUA: http://animation.tnua.edu.tw/introduction/intro
< Screeing Info > Title: TNUA Student Showcase 'Outdoor Screening' Time: 11/3(Fri) 19:00 - 22:00 Location: National Taipei University of the Arts 'Arts Forum' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ < Schedule > 18:30 Tea Party ⇓ 19:00 First Half Showcase ⇓ 19:40 Q&A Time for The First Half Showcase ⇓ 20:10 Time-off ⇓ 20:30 Second Half Showcase ⇓ 21:20 Q&A Time for The Second Half Showcase ⇓ 22:00 Closing

「The First Half」Films Info:
「The Second Half」Films Info:

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