Feature Film: The Girl Without Hands
< Director Info >  Sébastien Laudenbach --------------------------- Born in Arras, France, in 1973, he is a director and writer, whose most representative work, Des câlins dans la cuisine, was nominated by the Cannes Film Festival. Moreover Vasco was nominated for the Annecy Film Festival Crystal Award. The Girl Without Hands, a new film created last year using ink and an impressionist painting style, has attracted a lot of attention.
< Film Info > The Girl Without Hands 2016 / 76min French with Chinese Subtitles Nominations and Awards: ▶︎Won Grand Prize of Feature Film Competition at 2016 Tokyo Anime Award ▶︎Nominated For Golden Tulip at 2017 Istanbul International Film Festival ▶︎Nominated for Best Animated Film at 2017 César Award Adapted from a story in Grimms’ Fairy Tales. In this tale, a miller sells his daughter to the devil as result of life's hardships. However, after the girl lost her hands, trying to escape from the devil, she decides to stay far away from home and embark on a journey to find herself. French director Sébastien Laudenbach cleverly incorporates the liberal characteristics of ink-wash into his animated stories, illustrating the heroine's tender and tenacious personality.

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