Feature Film: Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children
< Director Info >  Pedro Rivero --------------------------- Born in 1969 in Bilbao, Spain, he is a filmmaker, director, and screenwriter for a number of animated television series. Since he took on the role of screenwriter for the animated feature film, Groomer, he became the focus of much publicity. The owner of his own animation studio, Abrakam Estudio, he is the producer of La Crisiscarnívora, Birdyboy and several other films which garnered him much international attention. His cooperation with Vázquez on the animated feature film, Psychonauts, the Forgotten Children, further brought him praise from major film festivals.  Alberto Vázquez --------------------------- Born in 1980 in Spain, he was a painter, cartoonist and animator. His comics were translated and published in a variety of countries including South Korea, France, Italy and Brazil. Vázquez and Rivero jointly directed the animated films, Birdboy, and Psychonauts, the Forgotten Children, which are both adapted from Vázquez’s own graphic works.
< Film Info > Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children 2015 / 80min Spanish with Chinese Subtitles Nominations and Awards: ▶︎Won Best Animated Feature at 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival ▶︎Won For Best Animation Film at 2017 Goya Awards ▶︎Nominated for European Animated Feature Film at 2016 European Film Awards The story takes place on an island ravaged by pollution. Birdboy and a mouse named Dinky undergo a rocky adolescence. The frail Birdboy, suffering from the loss of his father, must confront his inner demons, while Dinky’s parents only care about their younger brother, neglecting the fact that Dinky has been secretly taking Ecstasy. To escape from the lonely and suffocating island, they decide to run away from everything and embark on an unknown journey.

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