Opening Film: Ballerina
< Director Info >  Éric Summer --------------------------- An accomplished director, producer, and playwright who has produced short-films, advertisements, and jointly produced films in France. To date, he has directed over 19 television films and 150 television episodes. His genres have spanned thrillers, comedies, fantasy, and animation, including representative works, Ballerina, Angeline, Profilage and more. Éric Warin --------------------------- Born in France in 1969, he is a director whose representative works include a new film for this year, Ballerina, and the fantasy film, Alex et les fantômes.
< Film Info > Ballerina 2016 / 90min English with Chinese Subtitles This film took seven years to complete through a collaborative effort between a French and a Canadian animation company. The scenes of classic ballet were completed under the guidance of top choreographers from the film, Black Swan. The protagonist is an orphan named Félicie, whose childhood dream is to become a dancer. Along with her best friend, Victor, whose dream is to become an inventor, they head to Paris to realize their dreams. Determined to enter the dance academy, she diligently practices dancing together with strong rivals. Will she be able to perform at the Paris Opera?

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