Cut-out Animation Workshop
2018 Kuan Du International Animation Festival has started on October 28th, and will be ended on November 4th. During the festival, many lectures and workshops will be hold to students and the public. This year, for freshman’s workshop, KDIAF invited puppet animation master from Czechoslovakia, Aurel Klimt, to teach students about paper-cutting animation. Aurel Klimt was born on August 6, 1972 in Zilina, Czechoslovakia. He is a writer, director, animator, and editor. Aurel Klimt once directed two pieces of puppet show, who is a producer of many television advertisements as well. In 2000, he founded ZVON studio in Malesov. He begin his teaching life since 1999 in animation department of FAMU. He is known for Pád (1999), Fimfárum Jana Wericha (2002), Maskin zabil Koskina (1995) and Lajka(2017). This year, he participate KDIAF as the directer of opening film, Lajka, and was invited to teach students of animation department in TNUA for paper-cutting animation. In order to make students know more about paper-cutting animation, Aurel Klimt teaches them in person. This is a great chance for students in TNUA to learn paper-cutting animation skills from Aurel Klimt. Since students may not have sufficient experience in paper-cutting animation, through this workshop, everyone can make their own paper-cutting animation after the workshop and have a chance to immerse themselves in the fantasy world of paper-cutting animation. Many materials are need before paper-cutting animation. Papers, scissor, camera and painting tools are required. Initially, design a character as the role of your animation. Second, separate the proportions of the character, and remember to leave extra area at the joints to connect. Third, cut them down and paint them. Next, use clay or wire to connect the whole character. At the final step, move your role and use camera to film the animation frame by frame. Students do learn a lot in paper-cutting animation from Aurel Klimt, and have a really great time with him. Beside from the workshop, many animations and lectures are opened to the public. If you are a big fan of those, come and enjoy your time!

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