Industry Nominees Showcase
The 7th KDIAF has received over 2000 submissions from 93 countries. These films hold varied art styles and ideas. Among all of the films, the jury will pick one best work for the KuanDog Award for the Best International Animated Short Film. The three showcases of the industry nominees were finished on October 31th. The below is simply a remembrance of some of the impressive nominees:
Industry Nominees I The Ogre A giant is heading to a restaurant. With every bite of gourmet, the giant’s appetite grows the same as his body. When he starts to eat people around him, he also stops eating and starts to vomit. The fluid falls out of his mouth flowing to all directions, turning into the surroundings. Maybe, all of the actions derives from the thirst for being a part of the society. Simply, try to shake loneliness off. Oh Mother! Through the transformation and the interaction of the mother and son, we can understand the relationship between them. The mother is protective, seeing her son as a little boy, despite the fact that little boy will grow into man someday. Once in a while, the mother needs protection and care as well. On the other hand, the son is full of curiosity, always looking for new inspiration. However, he gets lazy and tired from time to time. The complementary interaction of the mother and son is about to have new situation with a girl walking into their life. Framed Through an interrogation, a puppet speaks out for himself. To his disappointment, this interrogation is not his saver. Endless posing and shooting for photograph, how do the puppet find hope and escape from this nightmare? White Tunnel A humble taxi driver gets involved into a family affair, and it’s all about money. The simplicity and humbleness in contrast to the family’s eagerness and the indifference to their deceased mother show the two versions of Taiwanese people dealing with death. 3D animation works with black and white art style. We can simply feel the temperature of the light, and wander in the fog along the taxi driver.
Industry Nominees II Totems A tree falls on a man, he cannot move. He tried to break away this dying situation, turning into several animals with no hope. He took away the life of the forest, and now he is taking away his own life.
 Negative Space “Some guys bonding their dads shooting hoops or talking about Chevrolets. We did it over luggage.” Inspired by the words of Ron Koertge, the creators present a film with a sorrow. The man in the film, packing his luggage just like the way his father taught him. When he looks at the coffin containing his father, all he wants to do is to fill all the negative space with love and memories. Ming “You have a sculptural body.” As a model, an asian woman poses for art school students. Every turn for new poses, she clenches her teeth to calm herself. But when the artists are gone, when the illuminated crown of light is gone, where is she? Who is she?
Industry Nominees III In A Nutshell Using stop motion to make the most of the objects, the director shows us his special way of linking things together. The symbolic meaning of the objects reveal us the dark side of the world. Airports The paintings’s roughness indicates the speed of the people. We pass by each other, heading towards different destinations. In the airport, along with the speaking from the broadcast, many things are taking place at the same time. The only thing is that they all happen at the same time, you couldn’t notice them all. Nothing Happens On the vast, white ground, people are gathering. The crows gradually occupy the tree tops. No one makes a sound, all watching at something in silence. “Nothing Happens.” All of a sudden, there is a sound of gunshot. But we still don’t see anything happen. Maybe, something happened on us, we just didn’t see it. The Fish Curry Lalit Ghosh is a young Indian man. Every day, he practices making the traditional fish curry, going to the barbershop, trying to bracing himself for the upcoming event. When he explains his relationship with his male partner, the silence of the parent indicates the pressure and discrimination against same-sex relationships.

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