2018KDIAF Entry Form Download
2018 KDIAF is calling for entries!! Every detail about submission and the submission platforms are written in the entry form. You can download our entry form by clicking the link below. We welcome every passionate animation artists!

Download Entry Form (Click Me)

The below is the summary of the submission.

【ELIGIBILITY】 Any audiovisual animated works, created frame by frame, with a run time less than 30 minutes, including titles and credits may be entered. It can be made of any techniques or genre. Only works must be completed after January 1, 2017 and never previously submitted to KDIAF will be accepted.
【REGISTRATION AND SUBMISSION】 There is no entry fee required. It’s FREE to enter!
《Method 1: FilmFreeway》 *Go to https://filmfreeway.com *Search KuanDu International Animation Festival to complete the registration. *Upload your film either on the website directly or with Vimeo link (with download permission checked).
《Method 2: Submit your application via mail》 * Download and fill in the entry form from KDIAF official website: * http://kdiaf.tnua.edu.tw/ . Entry form * One entry form is required for each work. Entry form may be photocopied. * Only completed and signed entry forms will be accepted. -Requested materials be submitted by either a disk (a CD or DVD) or by uploaded to Google drive. -Submit your film by uploading it to Google drive or mailing a DVD copy. * Film submitted by Google Drive.com should authorize tnuakdiaf@gmail.com to download. * Film submitted by CD/DVD should be labeled with name of entrant, film title and the length of film. If submitting materials by post, please send all required materials including the entry form, copy of the film and other requested materials, postmarked by July 15, 2018, to: KDIAF Department of Animation Taipei National University of the Arts, No.1, Hsueh-Yuan Road, Peitou Dist., Taipei City, 112, Taiwan. R.O.C TEL:+886-2-2896-1000 # 6534

♦All the details are in the download link of the Entry Form above♦

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