Contemporary Czech Animation
The 8th KDIAF is now open. Right after the opening ceremony, we holds the screening of Contemporary Czech Animation.Among very successful recent student films such as Happy End or Fruits of Clouds in our selection, including brand new ones which have just started their festival journeys. All they are characterized by fearless design and original stories. This way we can taste most of the main Czech schools for animation. At the same time we would like to kindly offer you films out of academy milieu.We can also see experimental works with graphic design concept and documentary of history short films. The selection could be seen as proof that contemporary animation scene in the Czech Republic is very promising and self-confident. Let us review today’s works! 《The little one》 A Vietnamese girl overcomes and received difficulties or even bad treatments owing to the difference of culture while growing up in Czech Republic. Born in the family, her sister also be confronted with same issues in the childhood. Is being different shameful? Nevertheless, their parents opt to go back to Vietnam. Facing with such circumstance, what are the final choice from both of girls? Stay or leave? 《Life in Patterns》 The experimental creative short film shows continuous and regular tiny scene in daily life. In addition, the quickly switch among the sound effects is in verity of texture of sound ,which arouse the audience’s imagination in tactile and auditory. 《Woo-Hoo!》 A man with horse head makes great efforts in dating girls by using software. At the same time, he run across his ideal woman. The film is full of the elements of antique video game and the trendy form of background such as video recording. 《The More I know》 First of all, there is a man announced to be sentenced to death. Going into the eccentric and wild flat, a chain of unforgettable memories suddenly emerges in his mind. Whenever he met with odd incidents, his mom always ignored it. Until the man encountered his lover in the adolescence, the man became gloomy and depressed which same as his mom. 《Fruits of Clouds》 A group of living beings wait for the fruit in the forest ever day ;whereas the magic seed still don’t turn up. Meanwhile, one of the courageous organisms leaves the forest and starts off a venturesome journey. This is a adventurous and warm story with the unique art style in the film.

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