2018 KDIAF Begins!
Opening on 28th October, the 8th Kuan Du International Animation Festival (KDIAF) will run for eight days until 4th November at Taipei National University of the Arts (TUNA). This year, we received over 2200 animated works from 89 countries. The nominees in the competition are competing for the KuanDog Award. The festival started with the short films made by TNUA’s freshman students. After the shorts, we enjoyed a music performance by the band “CaoLianYue”. “CaoLianYue” is formed by four of the students from the school's IMPACT course, they used four different kinds of instruments to represent four elements from nature. The guitar as the sun, zheng as water, arhu as air and Trautonium as soil. “Daily Life” and “Time Tunnel” are their original pieces. Both songs gave us a psychedelic and powerful experience. It seemed that they were using music to tell their stories to the world. A lot of guests came to join our festival. At the opening ceremony, the principal of TNUA, Kai-Huang Chen, the dean of the Film and New media art faculty, Der-Lor Way, the festival director, Jack Shih, and the festival curator, Chi-Sui Wang each gave a brief lecture to introduce KDIAF to the audience. This year the festival has also invited many international directors, animators, and artists including Aurel Klimt, Kim Keukeleire, Jiri Barta, Raimund Krumme, Pavel Horáček, and Kim Cunio. There will be lectures and workshops given by them in the next few days. The opening film ”Lajka” by Czech puppet animator, Aurel Klimt, took 7 years and two million euros to realize. 'Lajka' is a sci-fi story mixed with history and fantasy. It tells the adventures of the first astronaut dog, Lajka and her encounters with the scientists, other lab animals and aliens. The opening ceremony of 2018 KDIAF has left a wonderful end. KDIAF is a great chance to be in close contact with the professionals, an event everyone should come and catch. It will lead you on an unforgettable journey.

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