Industry Nominees Showcase
KDIAF 2018 is a film festival with a large number of outstanding animations from countries all over the world. This year, we've received over 2,220 entries from 89 countries, all presented through different art styles and materials. Our juries will pick one film that excels from other competitors as the winner of the KuanDog prize. The eighth KDIAF have separated the Industry Nominees into three batched to screen on October 29th. The following articles are our impressions on few of them along with brief introductions of the stories. 《Raymonde or the vertical escape》 Raymonde is fed up with her life filled with loneliness, peas, aphids and dirty panties. She wants sex, love and the immensity of the sky... 《Raymonde or the vertical escape》is a unique stop-motion animation with highly detailed props, lighting and camera movements. Through various imageries, the director guides audiences into Raymonde’s world of loneliness and desire. 《Agouro》 A freezing winter froze the river close to the house where two cousins live. As the icy wind howled, the tense relationship between the cousins worsens. It's detailed art style, lively animated characters and powerful shots emphasise the tension of the two characters and immerse the audience in a pressure-filled atmosphere.
《KAAL》 Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where all men, women and kids had a beautiful hairy mane. One day in this kingdom of mane, an heir was born hairless! What turmoil will this hairless baby bring to the kingdom? A simple and fascinating story that will definitely make you smile. 《The Cat’s Regret》 A boy who hates his little brother is punished by his mother and sent to spend the afternoon with a scary old man. The boy will learn a life lesson when he discovers the old man’s terrible secret. A very straightforward yet moving story that successfully illustrates the mixed emotions the little boy goes through. The witty interactions between the old man and the boy make this story all the more intriguing. 《Fest》 Nikita Diakur and his team created a series of chaotic scenes with craggy camera shots and random movement for the characters generated by computer algorithm. The unique art style of this film challenges the audience's aesthetic and satirise the society filled with cunning and ridiculous rules. 《Tweet-Tweet》 The story follows the life of a girl and her adorable sparrow through happiness and sorrow. Its simplistic design centres the audience view on the character's behaviour and emphasises their emotions. The careful design of symbolic items and environments gives just enough hint on the girl's life events. This film certainly leaves an unforgettable impression on the viewers.
《Grandpa Walrus》 On a dark and windy day, grandma drags the gloomy family to the beach where grandpa died. The cigarettes grandpa smoked marked where his body once laid. Who was Grandpa? What was he like? After a series of weird supernatural events, the family gradually come together and grieve for their late grandpa. It beautifully illustrates the love and conflict of a grieving unhappy family.

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