Closing ceremony:2018 KDIAF Award Winning Films Announced
The below are the Winner List of 2018 KuanDog Awards: Best International Animated Short Film】 〈Simbiosis Carnal〉 Director: Rocio Alvarez Country: Belgium Best Student Film】 〈Baransu〉 Director: Lahoucade Alice Country: France Taiwan Special Award】 〈Song of the Daughter〉 Director: Wei Lee Country: Taiwan Tsai Han-I Taiwan Student Award】 〈Captivity〉 Director: 王俐文/余仁美 Country: Taiwan Best Original Score】 〈Tweet-tweet〉 Director: Zhanna Bekmambetova Country: Russia Best Promising Score in Industry】 〈Simbiosis Carnal〉 Director: Rocio Alvarez Country: Belgium Honorable Mentioned】 〈Panta Rhei〉 Director: Wouter Bongaerts Country: Belgium Honorable Mentioned】 〈AGOURO〉 Director: David Doutel Country: Portugal Honorable Mentioned】 〈Five minutes to sea〉 Director: Natalia Mirzoyan Country: Russian Federation Honorable Mentioned】 〈MUTEUM〉 Director: Aggie Pak Yee Lee Country: Hong-Kong Honorable Mentioned】 〈In Our Skin〉 Director:Rosa Beiroa Country: UK Honorable Mentioned】 〈the fox〉 Director:Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh Country: Iran Honorable Mentioned】 〈Fishboy〉 Director:Anita Bruvere Country: UK
Congratulations to all of the award winners, and we are also looking forward for more development and creations!

The KuanDu International Animation Festival came to an end after eight days of events and competitions, and the Closing Ceremony started at 2 p.m. Two hours before the ceremony, many passionate audiences came to the hall to wait for the entry. Along with the international privileged animators, the TNUA students and the teachers, the whole scene was crowded but also filled with passion from every distance. In this year’s event, we received almost 2,200 submissions from 89 countries. With 4 feature films screening, the whole event contained more variety genres in abundance. The hosts’ humorous lines lit up the atmosphere, and with the audience’s laughter, the whole Closing Ceremony had climbed up to the climax. The first speech was delivered by the chairman of Hsieh Hsu Ing Art Foundation, Mr. Ding,Guo-hui, who was also one of the important driving forces behind KDIAF. Mr. Ding shared his realization with the students: “Try to stay young at heart. Be simple, sincere and righteous, most importantly, never forget your original intention! Sometimes you have to give up short-term benefits for final goals. Expand your horizon, then you can write a more extraordinary story.” Later on, the floor of speech yielded to the chairman of TNUA Department of Animation, Jack Shih, who was also the director of KDIAF. Mr. Shih said that artistic creations are like Nubian ibexes (a species of rams) in the Bible, chew and digest new information on and on, in order to create good works. Mr. Shih also emphasized that the most important thing of holding an animation festival is not about good-looking numbers, the scale of the audiences or media’s attention, but for how you enjoy it or having a good time. Mr. Shih introduced the student staffs, and invited each staff group’s leaders to the stage, showed appreciation to all of their hard works. In the end, the review short clip that concluded all of the events and lectures held these days, leaving KDIAF a best, perfect ending. Next, we moved on to the following highlight: it’s time to reveal the “KuanDog Prize” winners! The first award was Best International Animated Short Film, and the award winner was “Simbiosis Carnal” from Belgium. The director shows the visual eloquence of important subject. She takes us through the colourful journey, full of metamorphosis and symbolism. She speaks the language of pure animation in a kind of spontaneous lively dance. The next award was Best Student Film, won by “Baransu”from France. The film combines different media and uses theatrical space and flat graphics as the creation methods, which retain the feel of a traditional tale in very contemporary way. Move on to Taiwan Special Award, the winner was “Song of the Daughter”. The director used characters well and paved the plot vividly, leading the audience into the main character’s heart and mind. With the sympathetic response and the touching scoring, the whole atmosphere of this work resonates in the viewers’ heart. This year, we established some new awards, including ”Tsai Han-I Taiwan student Award”, “Best Original Score” and “Best Promising Score in Industry.” ”Tsai Han-I Taiwan student Award” goes to two students’ work from TNUA Department of Animation, “Captivity”. For its description of a specific psychological state with metaphors that draw on the surrealist tradition and express the loss of self-determinacy to very palpable effect, The winner of “Best Original Score” was “Tweet-Tweet” from Russia. Fully used the symbolic features from environment sound effects to describe the plot, made it become a mature, complete, beautiful work. The “Best Promising Score in Industry” goes to “Simbiosis Carnal.” The sound effects are filled with interests and experimental senses. The music and the scenes completed each other, attached with the animation’s cut and transform, blending into a perfect harmony. The score applies interaction between rhythms and beats, creating an endless imaginary world for the audience. After the awarding,we took a picture of the judges, hosts and the whole audiences. The closing ceremony came to an end with the screening of Isle of Dogs. The animated movie described the mayor of Megasaki City used an unwarranted aspiration, demanded to abandon all of the dogs onto an isolate, huge trash island. However, the mayor’s nephew, Atari Kobayashi, who is only a twelve-year-old boy, decided to drive a plane to the huge trash island, only to find his most loyal bodyguard dog--Spots. During his journey, Atari got a group of “dog friends” on his back, and they launched a dangerous rescue operation. The film’s art genre is extremely special and outstanding, filled with variety. Fragments of 2D animations crossed along the detailed stop-motion, the hues and lights created a stage-play atmosphere. The contrast of light and shadow expressed a sense of suspicious, and the scoring was filled with rhythmic drums and Japanese instruments. Among these splendid elements, the whole film became a visual and acoustic feast, giving the audience the most powerful experience. The film kept on its pace on Wes Anderson’s classic, unique art style and storytelling, and also paid tribute to the famous Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa, through many details. The film reflected the corruption and crimes in real world through plump, significant characters, and blended the elements of Japanese Ukiyo-e into the story’s stage winsomely. Many details and scenes in the background are also worthwhile to think and discuss about. No need to doubt, this film is an extraordinary masterpiece, and can be analyzed as deep as you want.

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