Student Nominees Showcase
We received the enormous quantities of films from students above the world. These films hold various art types and distinct idea. The most outstanding work will be chosen for the KuanDog Award representing for the Best International Animation Animated Short Film. The following are some of the impressive nominees: 《Stuffed》 This is an animation by using knitting wool to make characters. In addition, the story is about the friendship between a cat and a giraffe. In the beginning, the cat dislike the giraffe owing to its weird behavior. However, giraffe always spares no effort taking care of the cat such as grilling fish, picking apple and crops the river. Eventually, the giraffe sacrifices its diamond and even life to survive the cat so as to prevent suffering from injury. Then, the cat feels regretful extremely and all of the things are in vain. 《Tailored》 The story of 3D animation describing a boy accomplish his dream instead of giving up in cloth-making mission. Moreover, the boy makes an unique dress which is far from a sketch in the factory. What’s more, he also obtain the highest price and won the recognition. To sum up, many people will be confronted with dilemma in such circumstances. All we need to do is to lead our life and accomplish our dream which we want from the working place. 《Muteum》 A group of students are taken to a museum. Not only clamor but also yawn are prohibited in the exhibition. While the guide explaining art works, all of students are in the order. However, the silence is broken by the sounds from students as the teacher go to the bathroom. Some of them running and laughing then. In conclusion, this is a dark humor animation combining plenty of issues we need to take the reflection. 《Food》 When it comes to the point of view in couples, animator may use a simile to say that the course of events between lovers seem like three meals in a day. Furthermore, both of they are full in love and do several affection in the food. Maybe those food is something that connects strongly to each other. Moreover, it is a paper - cut animation to show love. 《SURAYA - Seeds of Light》 The presented film demonstrates information on the power and trust in belief. The little mouse give food to priest and other staff members giving those food to sacrifice God. While turning back to home, it sees priest and other staff feast on food. Regardless of disappointment and regret, the mouse put some food secretly on the hand of God. However, the priest is out of rage and commanding other staff kill the little mouse as finding it in the church. Finally, the mouse is safe and sound results from the belief and trust forward to the God. 《Song of the Daughter》 This is a story about the weakness in daughter’s heart. Owing the death of family members, we must be strong enough to deal with the sadness while making arrangements for a funeral. Although the parents always request their children to be strong enough to resist the fear, we are already full of depression and fearfulness to accept result. On the other hand, we are always the little precious to our parents even if we will get old and become mother or father. 《ME:ME》 Most individuals need assurances from others of their own worth. In fact, we should spend time recognizing and accepting ourselves in spite of escaping from adversities. We always opt to choose the job or lead the life which other people recommend or request to us. However, sometimes we already get lost on the way of goal. Consequently, it is significant to realize who you are and gain a real self - identification. 《SCAPEGOAT》 When things don’t go well, people always look for a scapegoat. According to the story, as can be apparently observed a boy is bullied by classmates at school. For instance, people neglect him and speak ill of him.These occasions to the boy bring negative impacts on him. He takes vengeance on a boy unintentionally by pushed him down stairs. The boy became the scapegoat at the moment. 《Barry》 A sheep named Barry is intelligent and hardworking in the hospital. Unfortunately, Barry can’t get the promotion and be the doctor due to the identity of a sheep. Undergoing a course of difficulties and hardships, Barry engages in his interest despite there are many unfair treatments happen to him. Finally, Barry becomes the first doctor sheep. In summary, it could be observed in animation that we sometimes be treated unfairly just because our identity. We should trust our ability and never compromise to the stigma from the society.

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