Student Nominees Showcase
The 7th KDIAF has received over 2000 submissions from 93 countries. These films hold varied art styles and ideas. Among all of the films, the jury will pick one best work for the KuanDog Award for the Best International Animated Short Film. The showcase of the student nominees was finished on November 1st. The below is simply a remembrance of some of the impressive nominees:
Student Nominees I Méli-Métro A father and daughter are taking the metro. The daughter notices the advertisement of pony, and then try to ask for one from her father. The father’s ignorance draws the attention of other passengers on the train. Eventually, everyone is arguing with each other. Although the story is full of discussion, the atmosphere is still merry. Cycle “Sometimes you stop in your tracks to think about life, but like dragon fly, we should maintain a good perspective on things with eyes like compound eyes. Do not give up, and keep moving forward with all your might.” -Mamoru Ichimura Reminisce me with the time of a day “Purity” is the core of the idea. Pure relationship and pure memories. Without dialogues, using pure images to reminisce all of the past. Memories is fluent, mutable and full of possibilities. When we remember, events can be reformed. We can stand in others’ viewpoint and think again. Time passes, and the imagination starts to influence. THE GREEN BIRD The green bird tires to hatch an egg, but lots of problems come in the way. The progress is funny and crazy. With no doubt, its a work that everyone can enjoy and have a good time with.
Student Nominees II Grounded The story falls on a soldier heading towards the war zone. There are two flowers that trigger our thought. No matter which side you belong to, the deceased will return to the Earth. With a slight sadness, this is a film with anti-war meaning. The Dove Dream and reality can be far apart. “How can a man fly without wings?” the man asked himself. Struggling with setbacks in life, the man jumps off the bridge. In fact, the world can be different, if we see it in another angle. Understand? Understood. What does my pet think of every day? When we change identity with our pets, maybe we can understand the everyday life it lives. Garden Party A frog and a toad guide us to explore a mysterious mansion that seems to have no human living in. As the story unfolds, we see the full picture. Good Friends The friendship between a hedgehog and a rabbit turns different as the time passes. In contrast to the warm and lovely art style, the ending of the film is shocking and strong.
Student Nominees III A priori “A priori” tells of the story between a man who loves to read and a bat hiding in the stacks (of books). Combining the characters’ lively performance with the right atmosphere and tones of color, we get to see each individual’s unique traits through a good grasp of the story’s pace. What’s more, the sudden twist of the story not only pushes the plot forward, but also amazes the audience with the extraordinary result of the interactions between the two. Play Boys The non-straightforward storytelling is the feature of this film. At first, each part is developing independently, seemingly unconnected; however, the whole plot unfolds and each part joins together in the end. The director demonstrates a skilled control of space and surroundings. WINSTON The plot of WINSTON progresses by means of the main character’s confessions and the occasional showing of memories from the past. The overall environment creates an atmosphere of suspense, and the building anxiety of the main character’s state of mind. Flashing lights and shadows appearing from time to time add to the plot’s tension, successfully giving the intense feelings to the audience. Dragon Sledge Dragon Sledge offers simple images and finely detailed portrayals of characters’ dynamics. With the right music and smooth camera movements, the audience accompanies the little girl into a fantastical world, guided by a sled-turned dragon. A bright and lively piece of work, the ending also captures the close relationship between the father and daughter. Chirps of the Tree Sparrow Chirps of the Tree sparrow is a quite complete tale about the little birds. The intricate backgrounds, lighting and music are special in their own way, and the story wraps up nicely, giving us a memorable aftertaste.

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