Closing Ceremony: Bye bye 2017 KDIAF
The below are the Winner List of 2017 KuanDog Awards: Best International Animated Short Film KuanDog Award】 Title: Negative Space Creators: Max Porter / Ru Kuwahata Country: France Honorable Mentioned for Industry Nominees】 Title: Ugly Creator: Nikita Diakur Country: Germany Honorable Mentioned for Industry Nominees】 Title: Manolo Creator: Abel Ringot Country: France Honorable Mentioned for Industry Nominees】 Title: Nothing Happens Creators: Michelle Kranot / Uri Kranot Country: Denmark Best Student Film】 Title: Garden Party Creators: Florian Babikian / Vincent Bayoux / Victor Caire / Théophile Dufresne / Gabriel Grapperon / Lucas Navarro Country: France Honorable Mentioned for Student Nominees】 Title: Fliposcope Creator: Krunoslav Jovic Country: Serbia Honorable Mentioned for Student Nominees】 Title: Play Boys Creator: Vincent Lynen Country: Belgium Taiwan Special Award】 Title: White Tunnel Creators: Chien Lan-Chi / Chang Chin-Wei Taiwan Special Award】 Title: Understand? Understood. Creator: LEE WEN JIN
-Congrats to all the winners! Wish them all the best and look forward to see more of them.-

(The above are the host and the hostess of the closing ceremony.)
Half past two in this afternoon, our hosts kicked off our ceremony by announcing that this year's Kuandu International Animation Festival has received more than 2000 submissions from 93 countries, and that 86 works were selected to compete for the KuanDog prize.
(The above are the guests. From the left to the right: Pedro Rivero, Cedric Plessiet, Dario Imbrogno, Robert Engler and Till Dietsche)
Before awarding the winners, jury Pedro Rivero, the director of 'Psiconautas, the forgotten children', expressed his appreciation for Taiwan and the festival. Our German jury, Till Dietsche, startled and wowed our audience with his brief greeting in fluent Chinese. Last year's Best International Animated Short Film winner, Dario Imbrogno, shared with us how he was thrilled by this wonderful event, and that he would love to come again next year. Director Robert Engler, a guest who has participated in our festival for the past five years, said, 'For two years, I was kind of an insider, I had the pleasure to be with the organization of the festival, and for me, each time is just a wonder. A miracle in a way how this festival can happen, when it's such a professional festival, done by none professionals. I think it must be the one and only in the world who(that) start every year just with passion.' All the juries were very happy with how the festival turned out and extremely impressed by the films' high level of quality and skill.
(The above are Till Dietsche and Award-winner LEE WEN JIN)
One of the jury, Professor Chen Chu-Yin, emphasized that the nominee films this year are all well-done with techniques, and they hold personal touch. And for the winner piece, it doesn’t tell the story straight-forward, on the contrary, it uses metaphors and a little sense of humor to present its idea. The winner of The Best International Animated Short Film this year is 'Negative Space', directed by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata. It caught the juries' attention with its stylized design and whimsical, metaphorical way of telling a sad story. The Honorable Mentioned of the International Short Films goes to 'Ugly', directed by Nikita Diakur form Germany; 'Nothing Happens', directed by KRANOT Michelle/ KRANOT Uri from Denmark; and 'Manolo', directed by Abel Ringot from France.
(The above is Dario Imbrogno announcing the winner of Best Student Film, Garden Party.)
'Garden Party', directed by Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon and Lucas Navarro, stood out from the others with its high-quality 3D techniques, beautiful texture, lighting and performances. It is awarded Best Student Film. The Honorable Mentioned of the International Student Short Films goes to 'Fliposcope', directed by Krunoslav Jovic from Serbia; and 'Play Boys', directed by Vincent Lynen from Belgium. One of the jury, Dario Imbrogno, said in smile that the level of these years’ student nominees are so high that the jury meet difficulties when picking out a winner. At last, it came to Taiwan Special Award. It is worth of mentioning that the prize is shared by “White Tunnel” directed by Chien Lan-Chi and Chang Chi-Wei, and “Understand? Understood.” directed by Lee Wen Jin. The juries were fascinated by the exceptional character design and proficient use of 3D animation in “White Tunnel”. On the other hand, “Understand? Understood.” is admired for its subtle treatment of the story that showed the creator’s understanding of the relationship between a human and her pet.
(The above is all the participants of the closing ceremony. The gesture symbolizes 'the 7th' KDIAF.)
After the awarding, the closing ceremony came to an end with the screening of Long Way North. With warm and sincere congratulations to all the winners, the 7th Kuandu International Animation Festival finally comes to an end. Thank you for the exceptional works from all the participated artists. We will continue to work hard on making KDIAF better year after year, and we look forward to more wondrous works.
By the way, tomorrow (11/5) 11 a.m. will screen all the winning pieces at K301 of Ecological Arts Complex in TNUA. We welcome all of you, no matter you want to enjoy these works again or you missed the premiere screening. See you next year!
Long Way North describes the story of a Russian aristocracy, Sasha, who dreams of becoming a great navigator like her grandfather does. In the 19 centuries, in order to look for her grandfather as well as the missing ship, Sasha set on a journey to the North Pole against the wishes of her parents. The art style of this film is delicate. Disposed of outlines, each object and person is drawn in simply color. Temperate colors keep the story in a sense of purity, instead of exaggeration. Perhaps you will say the film is plain at first glimpse, but you later can discover the carefully designed actions and facial expression of the characters, which is definitely not plain at all. Even though the story lacks wow factors, the storyboard is fluent with right pace of progressing. Good storytelling is as important as good story. If one may see Hollywood films as gold or diamond, then this French movie may be jade, which is pure, fine and gentle, giving the audience a special experience.

Reporter: Kitty Hsieh / Editor: Samuel Hung-yi Lee 2017 / 11 / 04

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