British Animation Awards: Highlights
British Animation Awards, known as BBA, is a bi-annual national event. The works in this event include various types, such as music videos, commercial films, experimental films and student works. This year, we are honored to present some of the best selections from BBA works in our animation festival. Here are some of the impressive ones: 《Inner House》 Compared with its simple, cute art style, the plot of this film is actually serious and realistic. In the story, we see a dysfunctional family: The parents are so busy in their little world that they constantly ignore their daughter, who is eager for care and attention. The story doesn’t have a good ending, which teaches the audience to build up and cherish a good, healthy family relationship. 《A love Story》 The director used a special material, wool, to make this stop motion film. It portrays a love story between two people. Everything seemed sweet at the beginning. However, after one of them suffered from depression, the other decided to give up this relationship. This film is very impressive, and it surely touched a lot of audience who have similar experience. 《Weather the Storm》 This film is one of Benjamin Scheuer’s music videos. At the beginning, we saw an old man who was frustrated with his wife’s death. However, as the story progressed, he finally went through all the sadness and faced his life more positively. The hand-drawn art style of this film is cute and attractive. Furthermore, the plot is very touching and emotional. 《Tough》 This short film shows a conversation between a Chinese mother and her British born daughter. The mother’s childhood was around 1970’s, when China government were implementing the Cultural Revolution. On the other hand, her daughter grew up in an environment full of English. In this film, we can see how two generations with different backstories having an honest, mature talk, and gradually understanding each other. 《Bluebarry》 Blue and Barry were finding water to quench their thirst. They walked into a western town filled with birds. In a place like this, they have to be aware, or both of them could be consumed by the cruel food chain. The whole story is extremely funny, and the characters’ exaggerating facial expressions really catch audience’s eyes. 《The Lion》 This film is another Benjamin Scheuer’s MV. The story is about a lion’s self-introduction. Throughout his life, he experienced the sorrow of losing his father, the happiness of meeting new friends, and a recovery from his serious illness. The song is uplifting and cheerful. It may be the most important message delivered by the film that “Life is like the ocean, it goes up and down.” 《Perfect World》 In this MV, a mother and her son walked into a forest and started a journey full of fantasies and wonders. The story, along with the song, is heartwarming, and the snowy sceneries in this film are stunning as well. Furthermore, this film starts and ends with the same scene, in which we see a tea cup surrounded by sugar cubes. This idea is surprisingly good because the scene matches the sweet feel with the story perfectly.

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