Sung Hsin-Ying
Sung Hsin-Ying Taiwan Director of On Happiness Road ———————————————————————— Sung Hsin-Ying was a Politics major in college. Before rising to her current position, she worked as an entertainment news reporter, a newspaper columnist, an idol drama screenplay writer, and an editing instructor. Her short film On Happiness Road, produced in 2013, won the Best Animation Award at Taipei Film Festival and the Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films. The planning project for her feature-length film of the same title was also awarded the million-dollar first prize by Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP).
< Lecuture Information > Title: How to Tell a Good Story? My Experiences on On Hapiness Road Time: 11/1(Wed.) 15:30-17:40 Location: National Taiwan University of the Arts (TNUA) Ecological Arts Complex K301 Preview: 1. The fatal weakness for Taiwan’s audio-visual industry: storytelling. ▶︎Why can’t Taiwanese animation seem to achieve any success? The key does not lie in technology, but in storytelling. 2. A good story and script brings boundless luck ▶︎On Happiness Road was able to win awards, successfully raise money, and complete production because: there was a good script. 3. Technology is the basic, but not the most important factor 4. The inspiration behind the story and script of On Happiness Road 5. How does one tell a good story? Start by finding a story ▶︎How does one find a story? ▶︎Akira Kurosawa said, 'No plot is ever fictitious.' ▶︎So, one must accumulate massive amounts of life experience. 6. How does one process these accumulated life experiences? ▶︎Read, feel, experience life, observe 7. Some tips for Taiwanese animators 8. Some tips for young animators (university students)

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