Raimund Krumme
 Raimund Krumme Germany German animation artist ———————————————————————— Raimund Krumme is a well-known animation artist, who is distinguished for his performance online drawing and spatial representation. His short film work has been evaluated as one of the top 100 important animation works in the world. Born in Germany, Krumme has taught in California Institute of the Arts, the Berlin University of the Arts and the Academy for Media Arts Cologne. Except animation making, recently, he has also held exhibitions of his pictorial works around the world.
< Lecture Information > Title:Depiction and use of space in animation Time:11/01(Thu)10:00~11:40 Location:National Taipei University of the Arts (TNUA) Ecological Arts Complex K301 Preview: The central theme of this lecture is the creation of the cinematic 'world', and the relation between figure(s) and space in animation. In animation, space is used in many different ways. But in any case, you need to create and define space to make movement happen, no matter whether it is depicted by a simple line, a flat field or the three-dimensional 'room', with a choice of several linear or textural perspectives. This includes movement (acting) and placement (staging) of figures in a defined ambiance, the use of camera movement, the creation of a stage, that will influence the way we perceive an action or a psychological situation. We might realize how a change of space, of the 'stage' or simply in layout and composition will have a strong effect on all elements of a film. Cinematic space is not only the basis for any kind of movement, but determines motion, may take an active role in the narrative, can take the main part in the plot and content, or even be the subject of the film scene. Whether being minimal, abstract, alienated or highly realistic animation, if the world and the action in combination are coherent and believable, an audience will accept and follow the path the director has created. ———————————————————————— < Workshop Information > Title:Workshop on layout Time:11/02(Fri) 13:00~17:00 Location:National Taipei University of the Arts (TNUA) Animation Department Classroom A102 *This workshop only opens for the faculty and the students of TNUA. Preview: The use of space and composition as means of visual storytelling: Based on a small paragraph of a theater play, students will be given the assignment to build a space for one or more characters. The participants are free to create the space at their own ideas and can choose any materials at their best convenience. The aim of this workshop is to have a better understanding of the possibilities of layout and composition, and how this can help to convey the psychological situation of the protagonists.

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