Kenneth Lampl
Kenneth Lampl America Chairman of the School of Music of Australian National University ———————————————————————— Lampl is the creator of numerous pieces of choral music. He has taken part in events at Lincoln Center, Apollo Theater, and in the JVC Jazz Festival. He has also been awarded the Prix Ravel at American Conservatory of Music at Fontainebleau, France. His first orchestral work, Parallax, won the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Composer Award, and ASCAP Young composer award. His choral works include Jerusalem, After the Wind, and Dirshu Adonai.
< Lecture Information > Title: Music for Animation Time: 11/2(Thu.) 13:30-15:10 Location: National Taiwan University of the Arts (TNUA) Ecological Arts Complex K301 Preview: An deep look at the specific approach to scoring animated films, beginning with the origins of Hollywood animation from Disney and Warner Brothers on to contemporary animated theatrical films and television series.  Also discussed the influence which the style of animated scoring has had on the development of the Hollywood film genre. ———————————————————————— < Workshop Information > Title: Animation Scoring Time: 11/1(Wed.) 13:30-17:40 Location: National Taiwan University of the Arts (TNUA) Animation Department Classroom A102 *This workshop only opens for the faculty and the students of TNUA. Preview: Divided into three stages, this workshop is the result of collaboration amongst the departments of animation and music along with the IMPACT music program of TNUA.We invite Professor Kenneth Lampl from Australian National University to jointly launch this international animation and music workshop. Through an interdisciplinary fusion, animation soundtracks are completed under the guidance of an international master.

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