Dario Imbrogno
Dario Imbrogno Italy Director of OSSA, which won 2016's KuanDog Prize for the Best International Animated Short Film ———————————————————————— Dario Imbrogno is currently a freelance director and stop motion animator for Missilei Studios in Florence. He was involved in the production of the Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures series, which was authorized by New York's Sesame Workshop. He has also directed many meticulously detailed art animation works. Representative works include The Box-XXX, OTTO, and OSSA.
< Workshop Information > Title: Stop Motion Animation Time: 11/3(Fri.) 13:30-17:40 , 11/8 (Wed.) 13:30-17:17:40 Location: National Taiwan University of the Arts (TNUA) Animation Department Classroom A102 *This workshop only opens for the faculty and the students of TNUA. Preview: Dario Imbrogno, an Italian animation artist, who won the “KuanDog Prize for the Best International Animated Short Film” at the 2016 KDIAF with his stop motion animation, OSSA. During this workshop, we will explore the techniques used in stop motion animations, their precursors, and methods for appreciating such works. In addition, Dario will share insights and experiences about his career in the animation field, and key milestones throughout the creation process of OSSA.

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