Kim Cunio
 Kim Cunio Australia Australia’s leading composers ———————————————————————— Dr. Kim Cunio is one of Australia’s leading composers in art, screen and traditional music. He has been twice nominated by the Australasian Guild of Screen Composers for best Screen music in Australia, and has won an Australian Broadcasting Commission Golden manuscript Award for his work in preserving vanishing musical traditions. Kim’s music has been played at the Olympics, White House, United Nations, and regularly in Australia, where he is also active as an academic with numerous publications and lectures. Kim is Senior Lecturer in composition and convenor of musicology at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.
< Lecture Information > Title:From silent film to video game. The changing landscape of screen composition. Time:11/02(Fri) 15:20~17:00 Location:National Taipei University of the Arts (TNUA) Ecological Arts Complex K301 Preview: This lecture covers the development of screen music as the logical successor to Western classical music, looking at the great pieces of the Western cannon that have influenced screen composition. Dr Cunio will analyse this new method of composition from silent film to video game. Additionally, uses of technology and workflow are covered alongside real world examples, making it possible for the aspiring composer to decide which type of screen composer they will be in their own career.

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