Chen Chu-Yin
Chen Chu-Yin Taiwan Professor of Paris 8, Arts and Technologies of the Image ———————————————————————— Chen's earliest creations were mainly straightforward sketches that carried a sense of the surreal, and used the free flow of colored ink lines to express the abstruse imagery of her soul. After graduating from École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, Chen turned to the field of new media technology, focusing on 'digital imagery and virtual reality'. Her artistic creations span a number of fields, such as the natural sciences, artificial life, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and so on.
< Lecuture Information > Title: Future Trends for France's Animation Industry Time: 10/30(Mon.) 11:00-12:40 Location: National Taiwan University of the Arts (TNUA) Ecological Arts Complex K301 Preview: The Art and Technology of Image Department of University of Paris VIII is the only graduate institute in France that teaches students them both computer programming and creative skills. With a history spanning 35 years, the department embodies an innovative and scientific spirit at the core of its teaching values. In addition, many of its graduates have become leaders in the animation field. This lecture introduces some of the brilliant 3D animation films it has produced over the past decade, as well as discusses the future and trends of France’s animation industry.

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