Cedric Plessiet
Cedric Plessiet France Lecturer of Paris 8, Arts and Technologies of the Image ———————————————————————— Having previously worked for companies like RECA, ISAMM, GL Pipa, Plessiet currently serves as joint department director of Art and Digital Imagery, specializing in the fields of graphics programming, AI video games and special effects, 3D modeling, scanning, and rigging. At the same time, he is also involved in game research and artificial intelligence. His goal is to design an autonomous virtual actor that would serve as an interface between artist and machine.
< Workshop Information > Title: When the Puppet Cuts Its Threads, an Introduction to Behavioral Animation Time: 10/30(Mon.) 13:30-17:40 Location: National Taiwan University of the Arts (TNUA) Animation Department Classroom A110 *This workshop only opens for the faculty and the students of TNUA. Preview: We present in this workshop new ways to animate a character, based on methods derived from artificial intelligence, which transform the relation of the animator to his animation, with a view of co-creation man/computer. Would the puppet cut its threads?

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