2016 Special Showcase
Each year passes, the faculty and the students of the Animation Department of TNUA tries harder to make KDIAF better. Cultural communication and world vision are always the goals for KDIAF. Therefore, KDIAF invites various partners to cooperate with each year. In 2016, we had three animation showcases with different history from three alternative countries. Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, which began with the Short Film Week of Clermont-Ferrand University, Indie-AniFest, which is held by the Korea Independent Animation Filmmakers Association (KIAFA), and From Doodles to Pixels: Over a Hundred Years of Spanish Animation, organized by Carolina López Caballero. The below are the memory selection of the three showcases by KDIAF: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is the world’s largest short film festival. For the 2016 KDIAF, it provided us 8 selected films. With different length of duration, these films show different techniques and styles. All impressed us with fresh vision and provoking idea. 《Le Couloir》begins with a couple in relationship. The male character gets a job in a chance. All he has to do is to sit on the chair and watch the door at one side of the corridor. What is the future waiting ahead of this couple? The twisted space creates a sense of instability. Adding the music of piano, no one else can escape from this mysterious and thrilling atmosphere. On the other hand,《Skhizein》provides us a heart-striking story. On an ordinary day, the main character gets hit by a meteorite. Since that day, he has lead a life “91cm away from his life before”. Even though the character design is simple and kind of cute, the color design strongly shows the anxiety and helplessness of the character. Talking about living a life away from the life before,《De riz ou d’Arménie》describes a story of an elderly couple facing the dementia. Because of dementia, the husband’s memories turn into paper balls and fall out of the head. The wife tries to keep optimistic, until her husband forgets one particular memory…… Unlike the films we just talked about,《Logorama》gives us a wild and active experience. In a world of logo, the Michelin police chase after Ronald McDonald, the robber. From the beginning to the end, the film truly “makes fun” of the capitalism. Indie-AniFest (Korea Independent Animation Film Festival) is held by Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association (KIAFA). The submissions are from South Korea and the other Asian countries. In addition to exposure of filmmakers, the festival also provides all kinds of opportunities. In 2016 KDIAF, we cooperated with Indie-AniFest and screened 8 independent Korean films. It was a cultural communication worth remembering. 《Johnny Express》focuses on one delivery of Johnny, the courier. On his journey to the tiny planet, Johnny can’t find his recipient. While he is looking around the planet, he unnoticeably destroys a tiny city. Simple but interesting story draws our attention in a short time. Leading us on this journey to enjoying this special showcase of Korean films. Moving on to《Defragmentation》, we switch ourselves into sensitive mode. The director use the procedure of defragmentation that happens on computers to imply what people do to themselves when facing dilemma in life. Not only the storytelling but the art style is the feature of the film. Fascinating art style can also be found in 《Little King》. Narrating in the style of Pansori, the traditional musical storytelling of Korea, the film creates a world that takes us way back to the past. Along with the drumming and the sound of bell, the audience go on a journey with the little boy, who faces a life-and-death situation. Last, we have《Wolf daddy》. The director Chang Hyung-yun was invited as guest to KDIAF last year. The film folds out with an ambitious wolf novelist living by himself. But one day, a so-called daughter pops up and interferes his life. Interesting character design works with a story that is humorous but warm. With no doubt, every parents and children will be touched and find their strength to move on their lives. For《From Doodles to Pixels: Over a Hundred Years of Spanish Animation》, curator Carolina López Caballero collected many Spanish animated films from 1908 to 1975, the end of the dictatorship. The eight programs feature personal expression, advertisement and adaption from tales and novels, includes adult and children stories. 《La doncella guerrera》(The Warrior Maiden) tells the tale of a brave daughter who disguises as the first-born son and joins the army for her father. Correspond to the time, the art style imitates the images of the tapestry of the middle age. Adding the narrating, it feels like you are listening to an old folk tale. 《Impresiones en la alta atmósfera》(Impressions of The Upper Atmosphere)was made during 1988 to 1989. The filmmaker painted directly on the film itself. When the film is screened, the images keep shifting, almost like a star that is sparkling. The atmosphere of the upper space must be magical and hypnotic. 《The Parts of Me that You Love Are Empty Beings》is created by Mercedes Gaspar 21 years ago. In this stop-motion film, two people seated at the dinning table searching for their desire. The director’s surreal taste has made wonders again. Another thrilling animation is adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s《William Wilson》. All through his life, he is competing with this man with the same look as himself. Using lots of focus images on eyes and the light and shadow, the atmosphere is dark and creepy, which perfectly recalled the world created by Mr.Poe. Moving on to recent days,《Vicenta》directed by Samuel Erik Ortiz is finished in 2010. This clay stop-motion tells a story full of violence and desire. For the audience nowadays, this is an amusing work with no question. Last, let’s recall《Zepo》directed by César Díaz Meléndez. This 2014 work is submit to and nominated at 2015 KDIAF. The director makes the most of sand, not only stylizes the characters, the snow and water are so real that you can’t help but fall deep into this cold-blood story. Look over the Spanish showcase, from the early work like L’Araignée d’or (The Gold Spider) and the commercials made by Estudio Moro Studio, to the Disney-influenced cartoons and the independent films that express the artists’ view, one must be amazed by the passage of time. It is like the cinema has turns into a time machine, the audience can notice the improvements of technique; nevertheless, the creativity of animators has never got short. Looking back at these three showcases, the visual feast somehow makes one heart-contented but greedy. It was amazing that one can have the chance to take in so many films. Each year, there are hundreds of, thousands of films being produced. It is not easy to have the opportunity to watch them all. But with the efforts of each film festivals, these great amount of films can be gathered and screened, eventually being watched by the audience. Great appreciation to every film festivals; at the same time, let’s hope KDIAF can be more and more amazing.

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