2016 International School Showcase
Last year, it was our honor to have invited Gobelins L’École de L’Image from France and Jilin Animation Institute from China to provide us with their special selections of the students. With dislike cultural backgrounds, we share different ideas and means of creating, which offers the audience alternative visual experience. As the host of the festival itself, the animation department of TNUA also hold a TNUA student showcase. Adding up TNUA, we can have a feast of new generation’s ideas from three places. The below are the memories of 2016 KDIAF’s special occasion. Let’s begin with Gobelins. Founded over 30 years, Gobelins put a lot of focus on bridging industry and schooling closer, which allows its students mostly get into prestigious companies. What’s more, since 2002, it started to work with Annecy International Animated Film Festival, letting the students team up and produce the opening films for the festival. Till now, these opening films are the spotlights of the festival each year. With no doubt, the special selection at KDIAF was spectacular with each film showing high quality. In ⟪Le dernier Jour d'un Condamné⟫ (The Last Day of a Condemned), the young girl, Camille is bored with studying. After she found the lobster in the fridge, she comes up with an idea to let the lobster enjoy its last hours the best of its life. With fresh art style and weird storyline, the film left pleasing impression in our mind. You can’t help but grin along the film. And then, we go back to 1954 with the film ⟪Ama⟫ (woman shell diver). The American lady is visiting a village with her husband and friends. But she comes to the ocean by herself and meets an young Ama. Driven by curiosity, she follows the Ama into the ocean where she takes in the beautiful underwater view. You are sure to be amazed just like the American lady. Another film, ⟪Shudô⟫, also being inspired by Japanese culture, tells the story of two samurais. Shudo is the official name for the gay relationship between two samurais called by Edo shogunate. During the battle, Hayate and Iwa fight furiously with samurai blade. The smooth transitions of the battle and the memories of the two samurais deeply moved us with complexity of emotion. We can tell that France represents the art style different from the American animation such like Disney. Each short film shows its features and beauty, which is the strong power of Gobelins. Then, let’s move on to Jilin Animation Institute, the only animation institute in China. It is also one of the world’s famous top three animation institute. Jilin is called “the cradle of China’s anime and digital game talent”. ⟪I Saw Mice Burying Cat⟫ is the winner of the 2012 Hiroshima International Animation Festival. With the technique like cut-out animation and the childlike art style, the film tells the story between the long-told relationship of mice and cats. ⟪Fei Tian⟫ stands out among the selection films. Using traditional hand-drawn animation, it shows the grandness of Dunhuang murals and depth of Buddhist culture. ⟪The fish that is swimming to the starry sky⟫ is a creation in memory of the director’s grandfather. In the magical world, the fish grows up and swims toward the sky, which probably indicates people grow up and enter the world. We all try to become a bright star in the world. In contrary, maybe it is okay to be simply a glowing star in our loved ones’ eyes. Just like Taiwan, China is deeply influenced by Japan’s and America’s animation art styles. Through this special selection, we can see the seed of new generation is in the ground ready to grow. Therefore, we are looking forward to Jilin’s works with more original art styles and self image. Finally, let’s refresh our memories of 2016 TNUA student showcase. Since 2011 the first KDIAF, we have watched the growth of the students of the animation department of TNUA. The 2016 showcase gathers the works finished within the second semester of 104 school year from students of all levels of study. 《Inspiration》uses narrating along the whole film. The director tries to explore the issue of creativity and originality. Most of all, she thinks artists should create something heart-striking and provoking, not simply something unique and special. 《CAUTION FALLING TETRIS》makes good use of Tetris, indicating people are simply living mechanic life and under control. You control me, and they control you. Then, who is truly independent and free? 《Rainy days and Mondays》adapted from Franz Kafka’s literature, the LAPA studio provides us with something provoking and beautifully sad. Narrated by Cantonese, the film describe that we sometimes compromise or surrender to life. The rough sketches and ink-drops left images in our mind. And the mixed feelings spread like ink-drops in water, very gently and slowly. Even though the animation department of TNUA is rather new than the other two institutes, it still shows great potential. Through this interactive cultural communication, Gobelins and Jilin brought us to the world and broadened our horizons. KDIAF appreciates your participation. Hopefully, we can all keep growing and show more to the world.

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