2016 Nominee Films
2016 KuanDu International Animation Festival had received films from over 80 countries. Watched and selected by the professional judges, there were about 100 nominee films, which were from the industry and students. The films from the industry people are complete as a whole. The following are a few of the 2016 KDIAF’s film selection: The winner of the 2016 Best International Animated Short Film《OSSA》is made by Italian animator, Dario Imbrogno. He really made good use of the feature of stop-motion film, making the Third Hand of the puppet as well as the camera individually a character. Imbrogno delicately used simple materials and spotlight. Even though there doesn’t have many colors, neither the character has dialogues nor facial expression, the film still left strong impression on our minds. What’s more, through the fragile puppet and the force of the hand, the film indicates people losing theirselves during the pursuit for success. The outside world turns inner confusion and fear into unpredictable stage; without caution, you will fall down and be torn apart. 《Joint-Tenants》, by French animator Delphine Priet-Maheo, tells a story of a young lady living alone suspecting that there is a male stranger in her house. Using black and white colors along with special sound effect, Priet-Maheo stages nervous atmosphere. 《Borrowed Time》is a three dimensions animation made by Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coats from Pixar Studio . Sorrow fills the film. Through the montage, we can understand the character who is tortured by an accident from his past. The students’ films always show high quality which are no less impressive than the industry’s work. Students provide us with the creativity and ideas of the new generation. The following are a few of the 2016 KDIAF’s student films selection: The winner of the 2016 Best International Student Animated Short Film《All Their Shades》is made by Belgian animator, Chloé Alliez. She used daily-life “ light switch” as the main part of her characters. Her creativity and sense of humor let the audience to stand in her point of view for women, which really stands out among the nominee films of 2016. French animator Alwin Leene takes the audience with the female character to understand that “the dream one” is usually not the one you are looking for. Only by meeting real person can one finds love. All inspired by《PRINT YOUR GUY》. 《Wildfire》is the graduation film of students from Gobelins. Stunning art style and the description of fire successfully let us understood the paradox of the character, who found herself deeply drawn by the beauty of fire, despite being a fire fighter. Viewing back to 2016, there were several films that are memorable, which makes us feel excited for this year’s submissions. If you are happened to be an animator, why not submit your work to KDIAF? The details for submission can be found in the Entry Form. You can download it at our official website. Or you can search “KuanDu International Animation Festival” on the Internet. What’s more, you can find the latest information about KDIAF at our Facebook page. We are looking forward to receiving your work!

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