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 The Animation Department at Kaywon School of Art & Design aims to cultivate animation experts that can be utilized at various fields in the cultural industry. The department trains its students in numerous production techniques based on the understanding of the production process including pre-production, main- production, and post-production stages. The Animation Department at Kaywon School of Art & Design was established in 1995. Since then it has strengthened its position as an outstanding institution of higher education for animation with its on-the-spot style education and fruitful results of graduation work entries in both national and international festivals. In 2002, the Animation Department curriculum was extended to a 3-year course with an upgraded focus on its major. It is now the most preferred institution by related industries and Kaywon alumnae have been acknowledged with their expertise and excellence. The Animation Department at Kaywon provides high quality infrastructure including a professional faculty of specialists with various on-the-site experiences and a stable production environment. Such an infrastructure has helped students reap good results in various animation festivals. A student graduation work “I’m Down” was awarded grand prize at the 1997 which was an event organized by the Ministry of Culture that selected outstanding animation and cartoon productions each year. “I’m Down” was also the first domestic animation to enter the finals of the four international animation film festivals including Animafest Zagreb. Korean animation gained new focus with “I’m Down” on the global stage. It was also awarded the best film in the animation film category at the Daejong Film Festival in 2001. Such significant acknowledgements of “I’m Down” from home and abroad not only set the quality standard for student works, but also enhanced the global status of Korean animation. It is with great joy that the Animation Department at Kaywon School of Art & Design participates in 2013 KDIAF “Animation School Showcase”. The department has carefully selected from student graduation works of the past 10 years. We hope that more various cultural and educational exchanges will be continued between Korea and Taiwan in the future. Credit: Kaywon School of Art and Design 10/23 (Wed) PM 16:00~17:30 K301 / The Ecological Arts Complex Movie Theatre Film List Daddy and I Kim Eun-soo, Kim,Hye-jung, Park Mi-sun, Lee Kyung-hwa、Lee Dong-jae, Lee, Song-hee, Jung, You-jin Sunya Director : Jo Sang-seok, Lee Hyun-jung, Lee, Hyun-ju, Jung In-hee Crossroad SON Hyo-seok, KIM Chang-hu, KIM Hong-seok, MIN Sang-sik, JANG Dong-hyuck, JANG Suk-jo BBEE Kim Do-hyung, Seo Jun-kyo, Ryu Gi-joo, Oh kiel-won, Sim, Jae-ha,Kim Su-jung The Act, 1 Chapter 2 Kwak Kyoung-Yun, Kim Da-Kyoung, Park Jin-Ah, Cho Yun-Ju Herstory Kim Young-Jin, Kim Hey-Suk, Lee Yun-Mi, Jeon Seung-Hoon Dialog Kim ji-hyun, Kwon man-jin, Song ji-eun Afternoon Ko ji-ye the Bottle Shin Moon-Koung, Lee Yoon-hee, Cha Yoo-Kyung, Heo Ji-Young The Breakfast Table Kim Chae-Hyun Today's Recipe Park So-hyun, Shin, Eun-ae Le Scenariste Fanny Brotot, Loïc Degeneve, Nicolas Joly, Marion Walle, Emilie Zamiri D-day Park Ga-Hee, Park Sae-Rom, Se, Bo-Young, Lee Byoung-Sun, Yu Seong-Jae, Cho Young-Joo Tiny Planet Yu Seong-Jae

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