Supinfocom Animation School
 Supinfocom is a leader in the field of animation training and has acquired a solid reputation in both the educational and animation communities since 25 years. The course lasts five years and is divided in two parts: 3 years Basic, and 2 years Director. The Basic program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art and animation and to acquire the essential creative and technical skills. The Director program allows you to acquire experience, develop your skills and implement them by producing short film projects in a highly professional environment. The original campus is in Valenciennes in the North of France. There is a second French campus in the South in Arles, and, since five years, a campus in India in Pune. Uniting artistic and technical excellence, our program is project-driven with a preponderant proportion of practice. The majority of courses are given by working professionals who transmit their passion for art direction, storytelling and animation. Our philosophy is to put the accent on content and artistic creativity. Animation is an art, a technique, or rather diverse techniques using a large array of technologies whose aim is to move objects on the screen. Animation is also a global industry. We teach animation in all of these facets in order to enable our graduates to embark on long and rewarding careers. The students’ graduation films, small gems of innovation, are screened in all major festivals worldwide. Jerzy Kular Head of School, Supinfocom 10/22 (Tue) AM 10:30~12:00 K301 / The Ecological Arts Complex Movie Theatre Film List Ny Little Croco Etienne Bagot, Yohan Cohen, François Mancone, Maïkel Pasta, Milian Topsy 1900-2000 Benoît Berthe, Caroline Le Duff, Gabrielle Locre, Agathe Pillot, Armelle Renac, Vivien Risser East End Nicolas Balas, Rémi Cauquil, Clément Domergue, Camille Fourniols, Marie-Lou Gely Leucotopia Geoffrey Godet, Céline Hermann, Simon Legrand, Nicolas Lejeune, Mehdi Louala Home Sweet home Alejandro Diaz, Pierre Clenet, Romain Mazevet, Stephane Paccolat Tree Tom Fonvillars, Juliette Grandjonc, Quentin Persyn, Marie Renaud, Thibaut Roy Ulysse Hugo Bodoukian, Martin Chabannes, Anne Labadie, Candice Theuillon When you Broke my Heart Lisa Fenoll, Laura Fleischmann, Anaïs Gresser, Charles Lemor, Anna Masquelier Sun of a Beach Arnaud Crillon, Valentin Gasarian, Jinfeng Lin, Alexandre Rey Treo Fiskur Alissa Bécavin, Noémie Cauvin, Lucie Delvaux, Tristan Hélaine, Sullivan Vanderlindern Tsume David Broner, Jake Delamare, Kevin Cordier-Royer, Tristan Jaegly, Vincent Touache, Chien-Chang Wu Le Scenariste Fanny Brotot, Loïc Degeneve, Nicolas Joly, Marion Walle, Emilie Zamiri Escarface Lionel Arnold, Vincent Meunier, Eva Navaux, Pierre Plouzeau, Dario Sabato, Burcu Sankur Animal Benoît Dulac, Laura Foglino, Julien Jude, Oriane Mulleras-El Atmani, Benoît Viougeas, Danyang Wang Greenfields Luis Betancourt, Joseph Coury, Michel Durin, Charly Nzekwu, Benjamin Vedrenne Ascension Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, Florian Vecchione Clouds Stéphanie Birat, Nikita Deshpande Masque Siddhartha Basu, Shashank Dhongde, Alexandre Tessier Yatra Kartik Dutta, Anirudha Hanamantache

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